NACCDO is a volunteer-driven organization and we welcome your involvement!  The more you get engaged, the more you will gain from your membership.

The following standing committees are open to participation from the membership:

  • Benchmarking Committee
    • Responsible for conducting an annual proprietary survey of NACCDO members for the purpose of reviewing, analyzing, and comparing giving trends at NCI-supported cancer centers across the country.
    • Design survey structure, select a special topic to address along with comprehensive data regarding development programs, and conduct follow up to ensure broad participation.
    • Work with partners at CCS to compose presentation at the annual conference.

    Chair: Michael Hibler, The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins,
    Vice Chair: Maria Gelormini, The University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center,

  • CDO Relations Committee
    • Communicate with member centers’ Chief Development Officers to stay apprised of fundraising management issues and provide NACCDO-developed resources when available.
    • Work with partners at Amergent to maintain an accurate CDO listserv that empowers members to connect over email regarding common issues.
    • Compose a dynamic and high-level CDO Retreat at the annual conference.

    Chair: Tina Pakfar, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles,
    Vice Chair: Pat Mulvey, The University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center,

  • Communications Committee
    • Working with NACCDO’s communications partner, Amergent, coordinate and approve all communications content to the full membership as well as approve all website content.
    • Develop a year-long communications plan, coordinating all necessary messaging for membership.
    • Ensure accuracy, functionality and timeliness of materials on the website.

    Chair: Julie Dillon, VCU Massey Cancer Center,
    Vice Chair: Courtney Weeks, Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center,

  • Conference Programming Committee
    • Coordinate topics and speakers for the annual conference.
    • Review past conference topics, speakers and survey results and incorporates into the next conference planning.
    • Ensure balance in representation across membership and focus areas for conference sessions.

    Chair: Terri Dillon, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University,

  • Conference Sponsorship Committee
    • Work collaboratively with the PAMN Steering Committee member(s) to secure sponsorship support of the annual NACCDO/PAMN Conference.
    • Develop and disseminate all sponsorship materials approved by both NACCDO and PAMN leadership.
    • Coordinate committee and board engagement in in sponsor solicitation.
    • Oversee stewardship of sponsor relationships while at conference.
    • Develop unique ways to leverage and engage sponsors in the conference activities.

    Chair: Jeanne Maxbauer, Weill Cornell Medicine,

  • Membership/Regional Reps Committee
    • Manage all aspects of membership for NACCDO including new member orientation, fee structure(s), dues renewal, membership benefits.
    • Work to maximize member experience in the organization.
    • Coordinate Regional Reps program in which committee members are assigned specific members with which to build a relationship.
    • Develop new/returning member welcome information.
    • Oversee member engagement plan development, in which each member center will have the opportunity to design a plan for engagement that suits the needs of the organization and its individual members.

    Chair: Keeman Wong, UC Davis Health System,

  • Professional Development Committee (Webinars and Mentorship)
    • Develop a year’s worth of webinars designed to offer opportunities for discussion and education on topics of interest to cancer center fundraising professionals.
    • Coordinate speakers, promotion and surveys for each webinar.
    • Coordinate mentorship program, including designing mentor/mentee application process, communications, conducting conference calls to launch and wrap up each year, and conducting check-ins with each pairing to ensure program success.

    Chair: Suzanne Beers, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Health,

  • Stewardship
    • Responsible for recognizing exemplary support and service for sponsors and the membership, as well as broadly engaging the membership through recognition of personal life experiences, i.e. marriage, death of a loved one, career achievement.
    • Facilitate nominations for all awards presented by NACCDO including the Lisa Considine Service Award and Innovator of the Year awards.
    • Assist the Membership Committee in the assignment of Board Buddy assignments for first-time conference attendees.

    Chair: Erin McKenna, Dana Farber Cancer Institute,

The following standing committees are functions of the NACCDO board and do not require participation from the membership:

  • Conference Host

    Each year’s conference host institution appoints a member to the NACCDO board.  This representative is the liaison between the institution and the conference planning activities of the board.  The representative works closely with DFI Events on conference logistics and works to showcase the host institution appropriately.

    2018 Conference Host representative: Kelly O’Brien, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center,
    2019 Conference Host Representative:  Stacey Maxon, Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center,

  • Policies and Guidelines

    Chair: Cindy Eller, Roswell Park Cancer Institute,

  • Nominations and Bylaws Committee
    • The Vice-Chair of the Board of NACCDO will chair the Nominating Committee.
    • Two members of the board will be selected to work with her/him to produce a slate of candidates for open positions on the Board, including officers.
    • At-large members of the Board are appointed by the full Board and Officers are elected by the full membership with a formal vote at the annual conference business meeting. The Nominating Committee will be responsible for producing a slate of candidates to fill the offices of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer every two years for the full membership’s consideration in advance of the conference, per the bylaws of the organization.
    • Responsible for maintaining and reviewing the bylaws of NACCDO, and, as needed, drafting revisions for consideration by the Board of Directors and approval by the full membership at the annual conference.

    Chair: Mike Delzotti, The University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Foundation,


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