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The National Association of Cancer Center Development Offices (NACCDO) is a cooperative venture of academically-based comprehensive, clinical, basic, and consortium cancer centers that are designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), or who have investigators that receive NCI grant funds. The network was created to share information and resources among the development programs of the cancer centers and to address collectively critical development issues of common concern. NACCDO is also a proud member of the Charitable Giving Coalition, a group of more than 175 charities and nonprofits from across the country united to defend the Charitable Deduction.

NACCDO At-A-Glance


NACCDO had its genesis in 1987 at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. Early meetings were volunteer-driven and lacked the benefit of a formal organization, with the primary purpose being to hold an annual conference to provide a way for peers across the country to connect and learn from each other. Over the next five years, increased interest and a strong desire for a cancer-focused professional association for fundraisers resulted in the establishment of a board of directors to drive conference planning.  Over time, the board of directors has also driven the expansion of NACCDO’s mission beyond the annual conference with the addition of the annual benchmarking survey, quarterly newsletters, a robust menu of webinars and online resources, and a mentoring program.

NACCDO partners with NCI Public Affairs and Marketing Network (PAMN) to plan and execute the joint annual conference.


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