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An Investment in Philanthropic Success.

NACCDO brings together professionals from all facets of cancer center fundraising to discuss challenges of our organizations, connect with leaders of our industry, learn from each other’s successes and ultimately make meaningful contributions to the national fight against cancer.

As a member, your organization will benefit from access to peer institutions and their best practices, representation among leading cancer research institutions and ongoing opportunity to refine, grow and elevate your development program.

When your organization joins, member benefits are shared among the whole team!  As a development professional, you will have the opportunity to establish and foster valuable peer and mentor relationships, gain insight into the cancer-based fundraising industry and share your success and experiences with members across the country.

Eligibility: Membership in NACCDO is open to all NCI-designated and/or NCI-funded cancer centers, and member benefits are shared by member center development professionals. Institutions applying for membership or renewal will be required to document current NCI funding. Foundations that exist solely to support qualifying NCI-funded institutions qualify for membership.

How to Join

New Members Only: Membership information for 2024-2025 will be available in early May 2024.

Renewing Members: Renewal information for 2024-2025 will be emailed to primary contacts and membership admins in mid to late May 2024. Check your email message for a link to update your roster specifically for your cancer center in early July.  

  • Please make updates to roles within NACCDO (primary, benchmarking and admin contacts, CDO for cancer) and any changes to contact information.
  • Include everyone who should receive NACCDO benefits, invitations, and communication. All cancer development staff are eligible and there is no limit to the number of names you may provide.
  • Confirm that we have the name of your cancer center as you wish it to appear on the website and other communication.
  • Make additions, deletions, and changes, and reply to your email to let us know that you are updated, and how you plan to pay for your membership.

After renewing, if you need to provide us with an updated list, please email info@naccdo.orgA new roster with updated contact information is required every year. Please be sure to include the names and contact information of all development staff who should receive NACCDO webinar invitations, news, and other communication.

Membership Fee: The membership fee is based on the annual amount raised by the cancer center. The fee covers all development staff at that cancer center.

Tax ID: 46-1382395

Fiscal Year/Membership Year: July 1-June 30.

Payment for Renewing Members ONLY: May be made by PayPal (no PayPal account necessary) or by check sent to the address on the membership form.

New Members ONLY: If you wish to pay using PayPal, please contact before making your payment so we can confirm your information. 

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